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Vienna Cake


Crème Cake Chocolate Dough
Premium Baker’s Select Crème Cake Base Chocolate DAWN FOODS1.000 g
Eggs350 g
Oil300 g
Water225 g

Put in the mixer bowl the eggs, the oil, the water and then the Premium Baker’s Select Crème Cake Base Chocolate. Mix using the flat beater for 1 minute at the 1st speed and then for 4 minutes at the 2nd speed.


Vienna Cake Dough

Chocolate Cream Cake (see recipe above)
1.000 g
Odenbake ODENSE 450 g


Incorporate the Odenbake into the Chocolate Cream Cake Dough. Place the mixture in a springform (diameter 18 cm.) and bake.



Temperature: Conventional oven: 180-190°C, Fan oven: 165-170°C

Time: 45 minutes


Apricot Jam Coating

Warm apricot jam and add 40-60 gr. Royal Navy Rum 54ο LUXARDO per kilogram of jam.


Allow Vienna Cake to cool, then coat with the jam coating and finish with Chocosilk (heated to 35°C).