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Rouge Passion


I - Orange shortbread
Butter 82% Bretagne BEURALIA300 g
Icing sugar125 g
Salt5 g
Eggs110 g
Flour500 g
Almond powder60 g
Orange zest2 pieces

Mix the butter and icing sugar, then add the salt. Then, add the eggs, the ground almonds, the zest and flour, and mix to obtain a smooth dough. When finished, put aside in the refrigerator.


II – Almond biscuit

Odenbake Almond Paste ODENSE 275 g
Eggs 220 g
Icing sugar 40 g
Flour 45 g
Corn flour 25 g
Baking Powder 7 g
Butter 82% Bretagne BEURALIA 130 g


Gradually mix the eggs with the almond dough. Then, add all the sifted powders together. Melt the butter and add it to the preparation. Mix everything together until a smooth dough is obtained. Then, spread the dough on a baking sheet. Bake at 170°C for 20 minutes.


III – Orange and white cheese mousse

Sugar 75 g
Water 40 g
Egg yolks 60 g
Bavaroise Neutral 125 g
Whipping Cream Excellecne 35,1% ELLE&VIRE 60 g
Whipping Cream Excellecne 35,1% ELLE&VIRE (lightly whipped) 285 g
American Cream Cheese ELLE&VIRE 255 g
Candied Orange (in cubes) 75 g


Boil the water and the sugar to 121°C . Pour over yolks to achieve a pâte à bombe (egg yolk foam with cooked sugar syrup). Heat the liquid whipping cream and add the neutral bavaroise,  the white cheese and the orange cubes. Mix everything into the pâte à bombe dough prepared beforehand. Eventually, incorporate the whipped cream. Pour into pans and put aside in the freezer.


IV – Red cherry coulis

Delifruit Red Cherry DAWN® 375 g
Morello cherry puree 90 g
Syrup 90 g
Bavaroise Neutral 30 g


Heat the syrup and add the neutral bavaroise, the Morello cherry puree and the Delifruit. Then, pour the coulis over the orange and white cheese insert and freeze.


V – Almond mousse

Odenbake Almond Paste ODENSE 100 g
Milk 3,5% ELLE&VIRE 160 g
Egg yolks 40 g
Sugar 30 g
Bavaroise Neutral 60 g
White Chocolate Cabo Blanco DAWN® 150 g
Whipping Cream Excellecne 35,1% ELLE&VIRE (lightly whipped) 380 g
Almond Flavor DAWN® 4 g


Bring the milk to a boil, add the almond dough to it and mix in a blender. Make a custard sauce with the egg yolks, sugar and the first preparation. At 30°C, add the neutral bavaroise, the melted white chocolate and bitter almond aroma. Finally, incorporate the whipped cream.


VI – Red Icing

Decorgel Glamour DAWN® 300 g
Decorgel Neutral DAWN® 700 g
Red colouring 20 g
Water 230 g
Cocoa powder 20 g
Jelly Belnap Neutral DAWN® 200 g


For the icing, boil water with the colouring, cocoa and Belnap, then incorporate the two Decorgel.


Assembly and finishing

In a pan, place a part of the almond mousse, then add the orange and white cheese insert and its coulis, and cover with the remaining mousse. Close with the almond biscuit. Cover the log with the red icing. Finally, place the log on its orange shortbread.