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Kneaded Bread with Liquid Sour Dough BÖCKER LIQUID 2


Yellow Flour Type Μ 10.000 g
Liquid Sour Dough Böcker 2 Liquid1.500 g
Salt110 g
Yeast50 g
Water ± 6.000 g

Bread in trays or loaves


  • Knead in a mixer at the 1st speed for 14-16 minutes.
  • Dough temperature: 26-27οC
  • Dough resting time: 60-70 minutes (Dough volume doubles), in a floured bowl.

For bread in TRAΥS:
Next, we weigh approximately 7 kg of dough and place it in a tray (40 x 60).
We spread the dough and flour the surface.
We leave the dough to inflate (the volume doubles) at room temperature or in a stove (Temperature: 33-35οC, Relative Humidity: 60-65%, Time: for 40-45 minutes approx.).
With a spatula we separate the dough in rectangular pieces at the desired weights.

For Bread LOAVES:
We cut the dough in pieces of 1.100 – 1.150 gr.
We shape the dough into loaves and bake them in a rack oven.

Fermentation     Temperature:33-35οC
Relative Humidity: 60-65%
Time: 40-45 minutes

Baking with a little amount of steam:
Temperature: 230οC and decrease immediately at 200οC.
Time: 60-70 minutes (for tray), 50-60 minutes (for loaves).

We open the tamper after 20-25 minutes.