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Baccio Ice Cream Recipe


Ice-Cream Base6,5% Fat
Milk 3,5% ELLE&VIRE 6.430 gr.
Sugar1.465 gr.
Milk Powder 1%360 gr.
Whipping Cream 35% ELLE&VIRE1.260 gr.
Powder Base Nevepann 50C FABBRI360 gr.
Total10.000 gr.


  • Pour the milk, half of the sugar and inverted sugar in the pasteurizer.
  • Mix the milk powder, the remaining sugar and the powder base Nevepann 50C. Add the mixture to the boiler when the temperature is at 35 – 45 ° C.
  • Finally, pour the liquid whipping cream while the base is cooling at 50°C.



Ice Cream Base 1.000 gr.
Delipaste Gianduja FABBRI 200 gr.
Milk 3,5% ELLE&VIRE 150 gr.

Mix the ice cream base with the rest of the ingredients and the milk. Freeze in the ice cream maker.

Decorate with Variegato NUTTY Cereals or with Variegato NUTTY Hazelnut Cream.