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Apple Cinnamon Recipe


Cake Vanilla
Premium Baker’s Select Crème Cake Base Plain DAWN FOODS1.000 gr.
Eggs 350 gr.
Oil 300 gr.
Water225 gr.

In a mixer pour the eggs, the oil and the water. Add the Premium Baker’s Select Crème Cake Base Plain. Mix for 1 minute at the 1st speed and 4 minutes at the 2nd speed with a flat beater.

Baking: 170-180° C for 45 minutes for cakes in a mold of 500 gr. in deck oven.


Cinnamon Crumble

Premium Baker’s Select Crème Cake Base Plain DAWN FOODS 500 gr.
Butter 82% BEURALIA 125 gr.
Cinnamon 25 gr.

Mix all the ingredients and make crumbles.


Apple Filling

Apple Cubes 10/10 DAWN FOODS 500 gr.
Odenbake ODENSE 400 gr.
Vanilla Cake Mixture 300 gr.

Mix all the ingredients.

Oil a rind mold and sprinkle flour. Fill in with 400 gr. of cake mixture and cover with apple filling. Spread cinnamon crumbles.

Bake in a fan oven at 165° C and in a deck oven at 180° C for 45-50 minutes.

Let it cool and glaze with jelly BELNAP FRUIBEL.
Drizzle with Baker’s Select Vanilla Glossy Icing DAWN FOODS.