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Addictif Log


Chocolate biscuit cuillère
Blackcurrant ganache
Blackcurrant and chocolate “crémeux”

Chocolate biscuit cuillère:

(1 plaque 60/40)

300 g Egg whites

225 g sugar

200 g yolks

90 g Flour

60 g cocoa powder

Whip half of the sugar with yolks, a part whip egg whites with the other half of sugar, and combine both together. Add the flour and cocoa powder already sifted together and combine delicately. Bake at 220°C Deck oven.


Blackcurrant ganache:

225 g Blackcurrant Fruit Purée

450 g Milk Chocolate CEMOI 35%

60 g Invert Sugar

75 g Butter Bretagne 82% BEURALIA

22,5 g Kirsch 45° LUXARDO

Bring to boil Fruit Purée, invert sugar and add on the milk chocolate melted. At 35°C/40°C add the butter, then add the kirsch


Blackcurrant and chocolate “crémeux”:

250 g Whipping Cream Excellence 35% ELLE & VIRE

40 g Blackcurrant Fruit Purée

40 g yolks

40 g sugar

75 g Dark Chocolate CEMOI 64%

15 g cocoa paste

Bring to boil the cream and Fruit Purée, add on the yolks and sugar, cook at 83°C , then pour on both chocolate and mix. Then blend with a hand mixer.


Cassis glaze:

30 g Blackcurrant Fruit Purée

100 g Decorgel Neutral DAWN

Qs Purple Colour with glitter

Mix Neutral glaze with Blackcurrant Fruit Purée and shiny purple.


Blackcurrant sirup :

800 g simple syrup

200 g blackcurrant Fruit Purée

Qs balsamic vinegar

Mix everything together.