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Parfait Cream or Chocolate Ice Cream


Milk 3,5% ELLE & VIRE500 gr.
Plombiere LIOT200 gr.
Whipping Cream 35% ELLE & VIRE1.000 gr.
Base Super Panna CF FABBRI200 gr.
Italian meringue with caramel *600 gr.
Chocolate San Felipe 63% FRUIBEL900 gr.
Milk 3,5% ELLE & VIRE450 gr.


We warm the milk at 85o C. Then we pour the milk into the chocolate and homogenize.

We mix all the ingredients together. For Parfait Chocolate, we also add the ganache. We leave the mixture in the fridge for 1 hour. Then we freeze in the ice cream machine maker.

*Italian meringue with caramel

Albumin Blanc Poudre LIOT 160 gr.
Water 1.000 gr.
Sugar 500 gr

Caramel for Italian meringue

In a mixer we beat with the wire the Albumin Blanc Poudre with water in the 2nd speed until it develops the needed volume. Next, we add the sugar gradually. In the end, we add the caramel ** and continue to beat in the 2nd speed until the Italian meringue is cold.

**Caramel for Italian meringue

Water 1.600 gr.
Sugar 600 gr.

We boil the water with the sugar until the syrup reaches 140o C.

STELIOS KANAKIS ΑΒΕΕ made one more innovation with the development of parfait cream and chocolate ice cream, by an ice cream machine maker. The technical team of the Company developed a recipe where using Super Panna CF Base by FABBRI, you can create a delicious parfait ice cream by an ice cream machine maker. The advantage of this method is that the amazing taste and creamy texture of the ice cream are preserved longer.