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Vision, Mission & Targets

STELIOS KANAKIS S.A. seeks the dynamic evolution and development of the sector of confectionery, bakery and ice-cream in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkan countries as well as the Company’s own long term and successful presence within the sector.

Its mission is to provide its customers with products and services of the highest value and of consistent quality. For this purpose, it is continuously researching the market for new products, developing an efficient and effective sales & distribution network which is constantly being improved and offering high level technical support and know-how. At the same time, it provides ongoing training for the professionals of the sector through the organization of training seminars and technical demonstrations.

Until today, the Company has included in its product portfolio well-known and distinguished products and has developed close cooperations with leading European suppliers. The Company’s future goals include:

  • Expansion to new geographic regions, where the Company does not have a significant presence and which have considerable perspectives for development.
  • Continuous search for new products and expansion of its product range through existing suppliers and new cooperations.
  • Provision of high quality support services to the customer, through the organization of training seminars and the maintenance of an unfailing communication and cooperation.
  • Ongoing training of the Company’s employees. STELIOS KANAKIS S.A. constantly invests on the quality of its human resources, which constitutes the main contributor to the achievement of its targets.
  • Relentless improvement of the infrastructure and the equipment of the Company, so as to respond to the difficult competitive environment and maintenance of its leading position within the sector.
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