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Sales & Distribution Network

The excellently organized sales department of STELIOS KANAKIS S.A. aims at offering a direct, effective and – above all – friendly service to all professionals of the sector, all over Greece.

The department consists of 14 people in Athens and 6 in Thessaloniki, who realize daily visits at the shops of their customers while at the same time serve the Company’s co-operative distributors in their regions.

Furthermore, so as to better respond to the needs of its wide clientele, the Company has an efficient customer service department, which is always at the disposal of its clients, offering high standard services. All incoming orders are carried out directly the next day.

The product delivery is accomplished by a perfectly organized distribution network, which includes privately owned new technology reefer trucks, which serve the Distribution Centre in Athens and in Thessaloniki. This modern fleet of trucks ensures the quick and flexible delivery of the Company’s product range (more than 452 items) in the wider region of Attica and Northern Greece.

The Company also distributes its products through 96 distributors which have the following geographic allocation:

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