The training programs of the Athens Center of Gastronomy and the Thessaloniki Center of Gastronomy include:


  • Demonstrations by the Company’s technical team and internationally distinguished Chefs

These demonstrations offer professionals the opportunity to learn new ideas and the latest international trends on raw materials, recipes and decorations, observe the most modern production processes, comprehend food technology and food safety issues and be consulted on marketing and sales techniques that strengthen their position in the market.


  • Specialized theoretical and practical seminars for 6-12 people

These seminars are conducted by internationally distinguished Chefs along with the highly trained technical team of both training centers. The theoretical knowledge along with the hands-on practice provided, allow the attendants to specialize in various fields such as chocolate, decoration, desserts, viennoiserie, ice cream, specialty breads, bakery products, finger food, catering etc.

  • Development of “tailor made” products and applications

By monitoring the developments in both gastronomy itself and the food service market, the Athens Center of Gastronomy and the Thessaloniki Center of Gastronomy provide professionals and companies of the sector with integrated solutions and full technical support, always creating new, innovative products, which are “tailor made” according to their demands. The recipes and the finest raw materials proposed are adjusted to the needs of the domestic market and aligned with the consumer preferences.


  • Educational sessions for students of professional schools

These one-day sessions offer the opportunity to the students of Culinary, Hotel & Restaurant Institutes, to receive information about the latest developments on pastry, bakery, ice cream and cooking, to get accustomed to modern and high quality raw materials and to gather information on the latest market trends before they set out their own professional career.

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