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Advantages & Perspectives

A highly skilled training staff

The training team of the Athens Center of Gastronomy and the Thessaloniki Center of Gastronomy consists of experienced Food Technologists, professional Pastry Chefs, specialized Consultants on Bakery and Ice Cream. With great experience in the fields of confectionery, bakery, ice cream and food service, they have significant educational background and invaluable practical expertise, having been trained next to well known Chefs of the international gastronomy.

Certificates of attendance and supportive material

The completion of the seminars of ECOLE LENÔTRE, as well as the participation in the specialized theoretical and practical seminars, is certified with a certificate of attendance from the well-known French school and the Athens Center of Gastronomy or the Thessaloniki Center of Gastronomy respectively. Furthermore, the participants receive various catalogues, informational leaflets and recipe booklets that are continuously updated with new and original ideas. These are important supportive materials that help professionals apply everything learned.

Organized knowledge

The set up and the programs of the Athens Center of Gastronomy and the Thessaloniki Center of Gastronomy offer professionals the opportunity to gain organized knowledge, to work systematically and to apply techniques that ensure excellent results. Additionally, to get familiar with applied solutions of technical issues in production, to learn how to comply with food safety regulations and HACCP and to create products of unique quality, taste and appearance. By practicing in everyday production the contemporary knowledge the professionals gain at both training centers, they manage to upgrade both the level of their products as well as their own.

A substantial “tool” that will take you to a higher level

To sum up, main goal of STELIOS KANAKIS S.A., through the Athens Center of Gastronomy and the Thessaloniki Center of Gastronomy is to become an invaluable “tool” in the hands of professionals, by helping them with a systematic approach and with profound knowledge to enhance their art, to respond to the increasing demands of consumers, to differentiate themselves in today’s highly competitive market environment and to take them to even higher levels of gastronomic creativity.

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