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Traditional Santa Claus Pie with rich taste & aroma

The Santa Claus pie is perhaps the most important New Year’s tradition.
It symbolizes good fortune and battles are taking place every year, who will win the coin.
So bake this year, a Santa Claus pie with rich flavor, aromas and a truly unique look in just three steps.
Choose as basis the Premium Baker’s Crème Cake Base Plain DAWN that will give your pie a creamy texture.
Be careful about the right ratio between the quantity of dough and the diameter of the utensils.
Finally, just before baking, gently coat the surface with water.
From its aroma, your store will fill with customers …

How to maximize the product characteristics of Crème Cakes

In order to maximize the taste characteristics and special features of Crème Cakes, it is advised to keep them in room temperature for at least 12 hours, before they are displayed for sale.

A new way for fast & easy preparation of mini kourabiedes

Knowing what a time consuming and tiresome process it is to prepare nicely shaped and tasteful kourabiedes, we propose a modification in the classical recipe in the following way: decrease the wheat- which should always be well shifted– and use a special type of butter with consolidated air in it. In this way, you are enabled to use a pipping bag which will facilitate and speed up the formation of the mini kourabiedes.

How to elevate the mood of your clients through the products you are offering

Studies show that clients who experienced a pleasant mood inside a store, tend to visit it again. A pleasant mood is created by the friendly behavior of the employees, pleasant decoration and colors, as well as the lighting inside the store. By choosing to decorate your pastries with vivid colored fruit glazes, like DAWN FOODS’ Decorgels, with or without fruit, and amazing, natural taste, you create a joyful mood inside your store offering something more than just a tasteful experience. Besides taste, appearance plays an important role in the promotion of your creations, as well as in the impressions and the feelings that they create. Τhe combination of warm, vivid colors affect consumers’ purchasing behavior and intention to revisit your store.

How to achieve a smooth surface on a Christmas Cake

Appearance plays a determining role in the choice of a Christmas Cake, even more than its taste, because, according to our tradition, it is cut in front of a large number of visitors, starring in the New Year’s celebration. In order to achieve a smooth surface that will enhance the decoration of your Christmas Cake, just moisten with some water the surface of the dough before baking, and you will have the desired result!

How to pack a dessert with caramel without sticking

In case we want to pack a tart, cake, cupcake, brownie, muffin or sou with caramel glace without sticking in the hands or in the packaging, there is Millionaires Caramel cream from BAKELS.  It can be used as filling, glace or décor for fine sweet bakery goods and pastries and enhance every recipe with its amazingly rich caramel taste. Just leave the dessert to rest for 12 hours and it will not stick at all!

Give a rich taste & strong, irresistible aroma to kourabiedes, baklavas & tsourekia

Fermente butter from BEURALIA, ensures a rich taste and a strong, irresistible aroma in kourambiedes, baklavas and tsourekia. Fermente is a condensed cow butter with 99,8% dairy fat matter, which contains enzymes that ferment throughout its shelf life. Its strong aroma remains after baking. Moreover, even when used in small quantities (10-15%) it enhances any deficits of the other fats used, it lends its amazing aroma and does not burn the thin sheets in baklavas. Fermente butter from BEURALIA comprises a reference point for Greek professionals since many years due to its unique features; furthermore, the deserts that contain it, are consumed fanatically!

How to make the perfect chocolate ganache


500 g. Whipping Cream Excellence 35,1% Elle&Vire

300 g. Sugar

200 g. Decorgel Neutral DAWN

350 g. CEMOI Chocolate Couverture 64%

Warm the Decorgel, the whipping cream and the sugar to 80°C. Then add the softened chocolate couverture CEMOI 64%. Homogenise. To obtain perfect smoothness, we advise you to always use a hand blender with a straight blade. This ganache is perfect to cover desserts and entremets, both for the refrigerator and the freezer. It maintains its glossiness for a long time. This is how to make the perfect chocolate cream for your Christmas creations.


How can I achieve a proper base in my ice cream?

The basic requirement for a perfectly structured ice cream is a proper base!

Initially, the base should be designed in a way that will ensure that the balance between fat, solids and sugars is strictly kept. The powder base has the leading role in this procedure, providing volume, stability and homogenization in the ice cream. For this purpose, STELIOS KANAKIS SA proposes the exquisite NEVEPANN 50C powder base (for warm method preparation) by FABBRI.

Equally important is also to follow the proper technical processing. That is, the mixture needs to mature for at least 6 hours, freeze in the right equipment and the exit temperature of the ice cream must be from -6 to -8oC. The next step is the hardening (freezing) of the ice cream in the shock freezer.

Tip: Do not forget to keep the temperature in your showcase between -12 to -14 ° C, for the ice creams to remain frozen and look indulging.


The ultimate tool for traditional breads

Utilizing new technologies in durum wheat sourdoughs, coupled with active yeast and enzymes, PBP’s Golden Durum exempts from time-consuming processes and facilitates the production process. Ensures a strong aroma of flavor, pleasant taste, very nice color in the crust, strong crumb with open structure and longer shelf life of the final product. Golden Durum is the ultimate tool to create a wide range of delicious traditional breadcreations.

Production of METSOVITIKO bread

For the proper production of METSOVITIKO bread, you must use cold dough, with a minimum quantity of yeast, and let it rest for at least 3 hours or leave it in the fridge for one night. In this way you can achieve optimum features in the bread that you produce. It develops stronger aroma, richer taste, wider crumb texture and crunchy crust with color like made in a wooden stove.

How can I ensure that my breads with have the proper volume, long shelf life without crumbling and be easily manageable in kneading?

The Natural sour doughs from BÖCKER against the non-natural and other type of products, besides incredible aromas and amazing taste, they also ensure the following:

•   Proper volume → Product appearance
•   Long Shelf Life → Economy
•   Does not crumble → Product quality
•   Dough Homogenization → Save Time & Product appearance

BÖCKER natural sour doughs have been created after long lab researches starting from 1910 and studies on starters with selected lactic bacterial acids in order to produce every time the same requested features. To this end, they provide consistent quality and guarantee success for the professional.

Authentic Greek Traditional Bread, as it used to be!

Combining BÖCKER LIQUID 2 with a Biga, Poolish or Slow Ripening technique, you can produce delicious breads with amazing, strong aromas, extremely rich flavor and tight texture, like the authentic Greek traditional breads of the past. Their smell will allure people to your store, and they will be coming again and again to live this amazing experience.

Ensure Fluffy and Crispy Dough in Pizza for a Longer Time in a Natural Way

Using 3 – 5% of BÖCKER VINO, a natural liquid preferment, in the preparation of the pizza dough, it provides the right volume, light red wine and malt aromas, rich taste and a crispy crust throughout the day.


Crispy & Flaky Kaseropita with Handmade Puff Pastry

For the preparation of a crispy and flaky handmade puff pastry that blends perfectly with the taste of kasseri cheese, you can combine margarine Rulle Yellow DRAGSBAEK with butter Fermente BEURALIA and a small portion of vegetable fat Super Fat as follows: You mix the fats with the flour at a temperature of 18-20 C. Next, you add the water, after you have diluted the salt in it, and then you knead with the hook in the mixer. It is imperative that small pieces of margarine (3-4 mm) remain in the dough, in order to o achieve the desired volume in the final product.

For excellent lamination in traditional pies and other applications!

With Shortfat, the refined vegetable fat, of the Danish company DRAGSBAEK, which has great plasticity, you can achieve easily excellent structure and texture in doughs produced with lamination, like traditional pies, crackers etc. Available in carton 4×5 kg.

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