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Tips – Pastry

How to make the perfect chocolate ganache

Recipe 500 g. Whipping Cream Excellence 35,1% Elle&Vire 300 g. Sugar 200 g. Decorgel Neutral DAWN 350 g. CEMOI Chocolate Couverture 64% Warm... read more

Give a rich taste & strong, irresistible aroma to kourabiedes, baklavas & tsourekia

Fermente butter from BEURALIA, ensures a rich taste and a strong, irresistible aroma in kourambiedes, baklavas and tsourekia. Fermente is... read more

How to pack a dessert with caramel without sticking

In case we want to pack a tart, cake, cupcake, brownie, muffin or sou with caramel glace without sticking in... read more

How to achieve a smooth surface on a Christmas Cake

Appearance plays a determining role in the choice of a Christmas Cake, even more than its taste, because, according to... read more

How to elevate the mood of your clients through the products you are offering

Studies show that clients who experienced a pleasant mood inside a store, tend to visit it again. A pleasant mood... read more

A new way for fast & easy preparation of mini kourabiedes

Knowing what a time consuming and tiresome process it is to prepare nicely shaped and tasteful kourabiedes, we propose a... read more

How to maximize the product characteristics of Crème Cakes

In order to maximize the taste characteristics and special features of Crème Cakes, it is advised to keep them in... read more

Traditional Santa Claus Pie with rich taste & aroma

The Santa Claus pie is perhaps the most important New Year’s tradition. It symbolizes good fortune and battles are taking... read more

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