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Tips – Bakery

Ensure Fluffy and Crispy Dough in Pizza for a Longer Time in a Natural Way

Using 3 – 5% of BÖCKER VINO, a natural liquid preferment, in the preparation of the pizza dough, it provides... read more

Authentic Greek Traditional Bread, as it used to be!

Combining BÖCKER LIQUID 2 with a Biga, Poolish or Slow Ripening technique, you can produce delicious breads with amazing, strong... read more

How can I ensure that my breads with have the proper volume, long shelf life without crumbling and be easily manageable in kneading?

The Natural sour doughs from BÖCKER against the non-natural and other type of products, besides incredible aromas and amazing taste,... read more

Production of METSOVITIKO bread

For the proper production of METSOVITIKO bread, you must use cold dough, with a minimum quantity of yeast, and let... read more

The ultimate tool for traditional breads

Utilizing new technologies in durum wheat sourdoughs, coupled with active yeast and enzymes, PBP’s Golden Durum exempts from time-consuming processes... read more

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