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Indulging Daily Desserts Prepared On The Spot


Nowadays, the growing demands and heavy work load of the professionals, require more effort from them, hindering their creativity. Fortunately, the combination of a wide variety of quality raw materials, which are available in the market, can help in the development of impressive creations. Choco Rolls or Nut Rolls are an easy to make, indulging dessert for all the hours of the day for all types of consumers. With New Jogofine 50 from KOMPLET and Choco Fill or Nut Fill from SUCREA, you can prepare quickly a delicious dough, roll it out, spread a layer of filling on it, close, cut, leave in the stove and then bake. So simply, you have a mouth drawling delicacy that will please all of your clients and free your hands for more indulging creations!